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Hempfest 2018 at Foxy's BVI


FOXYS HEMPFEST – the first ever in the BVI – was GREAT! A total new vibe was experienced with local vendors of locally made and packaged products showing their wares in Foxy’s Upper Crust, while local musical artists and speakers were featured onstage.  Many visitors from Tortola attended as did others from St Thomas and St John. It was really a very Local Event. Patrons bought t-shirts touting sayings such as , ‘GROW LOCAL’    ‘BUY LOCAL’ ‘SMOKE LOCAL’ ‘LEGALISE IT’ along with graphics of all the things that can be produced from hemp.

 The idea is obviously to bring it to the attention of local politicians that the time has come and that, given the impending destruction of our off shore business and registration of companies, which support many needed services in our small island economy, we need a viable alternative to strictly Sun ‘n Sand ‘n  Sea to replace or augment this sector.

With cannabis legalized for medicinal and recreational use we could attract a whole new tourist component into our economy. To celebrate this idea and its need to be addressed, FOXY’S is leading the charge to bring it to the attention of both local politicians and the wider public; Campaigning for Legalization at the earliest opportunity.

As a Bar of longstanding and with a track record of entertaining tourists in the best ways possible with good food and mood changing libations, FOXYS feels the time has come to extend our appeal to Smokers as well as Drinkers. We hope that you too will show your support both for us and the idea by purchasing one of our Hempfest T’s online. We have two dozen remaining, printed with our custom design from Big Hed’s funky artist. This is a one-time limited print. Get them while they’re hot and stay tuned for next month…Foxy’s 80th Birthday Bash!